Duty Station Sign

1)  Select The Topper You Would Like, for example:

Large Flag Plaque 

8.375" x 10.5"  $25.00 Our Most Popular flag Plaque.

               Large House Plaque


Makes a Great Gift For Someone

(or yourself :) )

3.5" x 8" Bar- $10.00 each

Great for those duty stations with a lot going on.  Can comfortably hold up to  nine to ten small icons.

Now it's time to make your Duty Station Sign exclusively unique to you and your family.  Small Icons make your sign fun.  Add icons to celebrate life and career events, remember a special time or just add a little flair.  Your Duty Station Sign will be a keepsake that will be a conversation starter for years to come. 

Many of the Small Icons we have available can be seen on the page called  Small Icons  (clever, huh)

2" x 6" Bar - $6.00 each

Perfect for additions to existing duty stations, to acknowledge the new  baby or for couples with dual career signs.

Limited to three small icons.

How To Order Your Personalized Duty Station Sign

    Extra Large Flag Plaque

           11"x 14"- $45.00

A Timeless Classic

6" x 18" Bar - $20.00

Characters $5.00 each

The Possibilities Are Endless.

2) Choose Your Drop Down Bars -

2" x 8" Bar - $6.00 each

Our standard size bars.  Comfortably fits up to three small icons, sometimes four, depending on which ones you choose.